Pretty Woman, but not on purpose.

First off, let me say that I am really really diggin the Lauren Conrand line at Kohls lately. It’s all I’ve been buying it seems. BUT (here it comes!) their sizing SUCKS. Big Ones. I ordered this dress along with another one, same brand, same size, I believe even the same collection and this one fits. The other is about 3 sizes too big. *headdesk* really?? Oh well, gonna return it. Too bad it was cute.

It didn’t hit me til later in the day that this dress reminds me of the dress Julia Roberts made famous in Pretty Woman. Oh well, I’m not up on my chick flicks. Loving the black and brown trend too.


Dress- LC/Kohls

Blazer- LC/Kohls

Earrings- Simply Vera Wang/Kohls

Boots- Candies/Kohls

Can you tell I shop a lot at Kohls?

Most awesome fleece-lined help me survive a northern winter tights- TJ Maxx


Peace Out!


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