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Christmas Day.




This is what I wore yesterday, for Christmas dinner at TGI Friday’s (yeah no family dinner this year, burgers are festive right? lol). My holiday season has been wonderful so far. My husband and I are doing something I little different this year. We are celebrating the twelve days of Christmas instead of just the one day. I like this way much better, we having been trying to come up with our own little holiday tradition and I think this is it! Long winter celebrations go way back in human history, one day just never seemed right to me.


What about you guys? What are your favorite holidays and how do YOU celebrate? Any quirky personal traditions??


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MIA, Music, Happy Holidays, and New Blog

Sorry guys and dolls, I know I’ve been very MIA here. Between moving, being sick, and some other things going on in my life right now, I’ve been a little uninspired, fatigued, and crazy busy. Things will settle down very soon and I will start posting much more regularly ๐Ÿ™‚

Also, I’ve started another blog (but will not neglect this one, promise!) where I am honing my photography skills and taking photos everyday for 365 days. What a challenge!

Until then I wish you all extremely Happy Holidays and my hope is that this new year will be your best year yet! Darlings, this is only the beginning! There are always better things to come.

With all that said I’ll leave you with my new favorite mix: Listen to French Songs Like a Boss

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Pretty Woman, but not on purpose.

First off, let me say that I am really really diggin the Lauren Conrand line at Kohls lately. It’s all I’ve been buying it seems. BUT (here it comes!) their sizing SUCKS. Big Ones. I ordered this dress along with another one, same brand, same size, I believe even the same collection and this one fits. The other is about 3 sizes too big. *headdesk* really?? Oh well, gonna return it. Too bad it was cute.

It didn’t hit me til later in the day that this dress reminds me of the dress Julia Roberts made famous in Pretty Woman. Oh well, I’m not up on my chick flicks. Loving the black and brown trend too.


Dress- LC/Kohls

Blazer- LC/Kohls

Earrings- Simply Vera Wang/Kohls

Boots- Candies/Kohls

Can you tell I shop a lot at Kohls?

Most awesome fleece-lined help me survive a northern winter tights- TJ Maxx


Peace Out!

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