Black Stripes for Black Friday.

This is me right before the Black Friday shopping begins, which apparently this year, is at midnight. Thanks a lot Macys! I can’t complain though, I’d rather stay up til midnight than get up at 3AM any day!! And a bonus this year is I’ll only be doing my own shopping! I’ve been going to Black Friday openings as long as I can remember but I’ve always ended up standing in line in the cold for hours (!) for someone else’s, mostly relatives’, game consoles, tvs, games, whatever. This year, however, I’ll only be shopping for myself and I’m going to enjoy every minute of it. Especially since these stores are now within walking distance (yes!!) so I don’t have to make my usual 45 minute drive.

I love this striped cardigan I scored at TJ Maxx last season, very French I think. The jeans are actually crops but with the boots make a good wardrobe-extending cheat 🙂

The scarf is from Send the Trend, a monthly subscription type accessory place that I tried through Groupon. I wasn’t thoroughly impressed overall but the merchandise is cute and very trendy.

Also, I threw an ArM PaRty but these are the only pieces of jewelry that showed up.

These boots are great for trampling fellow shoppers, just kidding (maybe).

So did you do the whole Black Friday thing? What did you get? Is it a tradition at your house? Spill!!


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