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We suffer for you…

Ollie and I suffer for the art, but more on that in a minute.

First, an Ollie update:

I warned you guys that Ollie can look a little pervy. Well, it’s worse, now he’s grown a moustache. I’ve got proof:

-Pitifullness Personified-


Now, with that PSA over. This is what I wore today:

Do I have that dejected, something is going on over there but I’m way too cool to care, model look going on? That’s what I was going for but it turned out more confused, hey you kids get off my lawn, looking. Oh, well.

There are a few reasons why I have come to love dresses: 1) Fantastically cool in the summer 2) So Freaking easy to throw on 3) Cheaper per-outfit cost (usually) 4) You can wear most dresses year-round with some fancy layering tricks

5) Versatile,Versatile ,Versatile!

Here are a few more ways to wear this kind of (or any) dress:

Vest + Chunky Necklace + Cowboy Boots

Long Earrings + Statement Belt + Tall Flat Boots

Add a Bow Headband for a Sweet Look

Or a Hat for Something Quirky

So, basically, dresses are hella-versatile. I was going to show you a few ways I would wear this year-round but it was too effing hot today to even think about wearing long sleeves- even for a few minutes! Sorry guys, I did suffer the heat for a little while though…

Ollie suffered too. I had to rig up a “baby gate” to keep him on my deck while I took these pics. Needless to say he was not happy about not being in the middle of the fun so there was a lot of whining and a lot of this:

and this:

Pathetic, it’s it?

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